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Meet the Artists of BAM 2022!

Wed, 04 May 2022 19:34:00

Battle Arena Melbourne stands out on the FGC calendar not only because it’s Australia’s largest fighting game tournament, but because it is more than “just a tournament”.

BAM lives up to its status as a Major by bringing together the widest possible audience for fighting games – whether they be competitors, casual players, or simply fans of these games and their iconic characters.

This year’s Alley will feature both returning artists and exciting new residents!

The BAM Artist Alley is always a major draw for attendees as they pass through between main stage matches or en route to their setups. This year we will again be hosting a group of talented and passionate local artists whose work features fighting games and other pop culture themes.

So take a look through these introductions and remember to check out their booths while you’re enjoying BAM2022!


Plutonian's art includes charms and stickers which incorporate the imagery of gaming.

Plutonian is an aspiring game dev student from Melbourne! They sell fanart alongside original work: as prints, stickers, pins, charms, bookmarks and more!


Alecat loves painting and crafting with the aid of her laser cutter. Her latest projects have RGB light boxes paying homage to her favourite games!


We’re identical twins and cosplayers who’re passionate about all things gaming! We sell our artworks as prints based on not only fighting and other games, but also film/TV, anime, YouTubers, pop culture, kpop, and musicians. We also offer custom and personalised art commissions on the spot, for you to take home on the day!

GuzzardiArt also provided the official champions portraits for CWL 2021! (see above)


Iris is inspired by anime and video games. Her artworks range in various styles, ranging from cuter, chibi style to more elaborate full body drawings. Her art has vibrant colour palettes and is used to create things such as V-tuber content, prints, stickers and more!


Featuring charms and badges of fan favorites, curated by the local Fighting Game Community.


I specialise in drawing mostly female characters in my own anime style I’ve formed over the years. This will be the first time I’ve sold my work at an event, inspired to do so by other artists I like to support.

Sarah Ng

I am an independent artist with a love of video games. Franchises such as Pokemon, Apex Legends, Valorant and Overwatch are some of my favourites.

All of our talented artists resident will be selling their work at the BAM2022 Artist Alley next week. Their stock (and commission slots) will be finite, so make sure to find them as soon as you can and check out their awesome work!

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