CouchWarriors League Partners

Couch Warriors

CouchWarriors Inc. is a Not-For-Profit association that is Melbourne’s strongest gaming event organisers, created to energise the fighting game community. Our biggest event is Battle Arena Melbo...More


Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. When it was founded in 2011, Twitch originally focused almost entirely on video games but has since expanded to ...More

New Game Plus

New Game Plus is a new look take on gaming TV. Incorporating a strong gaming focus, with a healthy dose of related subcultures, NG+ aims to bring you thoughtful reviews, exclusive interviews and event...More


OzHadou is a website dedicated to Australia’s fighting game community. Discussions and articles contributed to the site cover a vast range of fighting games and all fighting games fans are welco...More

Standing Fierce

Our mission is to unite Fighting Game players across the country and bring them together to share, play and enjoy the games we love so much. New Zealand's No.1 home for fighting games!More